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The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Now, The Peninsula Beverly Hills in Los Angeles IS THE ULTIMATE luxury vacation with children! Not only it is a beautiful property, next to Rodeo Drive and located in a prime spot in LA but the amenities for children are to die for!

If you an only affort one or two nights, do it! splurge, enjoy and go back home totally pampered. Absolutely worth it!

We actually organised it so they would come and pick us up from the airport which, of course, facilitates things when travelling with kids. In all honesty, we calculated and at rush hour the savings were not going to be significant so we splurged a bit.

1.- A proper welcome: Even considering that we were there for the week of the Emmys, actually the night before, the welcome was perfect and the attention to detail one of the best I ever experienced.

Honestly when not only do the have cookies and sweets ready for the children when we arrive at 22:00 after a long flight but they even personalize the plate with their names you KNOW you are in for a luxury weekend break!!

That sometimes makes me wonder about some hotels; if you do not have my kids happy it does not matter how good you are. I will not be back!

2.- Amenities and activities for the little ones: Oh, MY, GOD! the Slippers!!! Slippers and bathrobe for the three year old. Few things feel more luxurious than when a hotel or property treat your children as important. They had me at the slippers!

But, for the ultimate luxury I hereby introduce you to the Peninsula Academy; from Pastry and Cupcake courses for the little ones to a scavenger hunt for the entire family through Beverly Hills on a carriage or a helicopter trip to a estate in Malibu. If you are ready to foot over 2000$/person for one of these experiences they all sound magical!!!

3.-The Swimming Pool: Pools and LA have a definite connection that is hard to miss and the Peninsula has turned this amenity into an art.

Cabanas on both sides to hold meetings or just shy away from the sun while watching a movie with the kids, towers of fresh towels just as you walk out of the water …  even complimentary manicure (for my 12 year old also) without leaving the pool side. If you guilt easy, like I sometimes do, when pampered this is not a place for you.

4.-Understated elegance and exquisite treatment of our children: I am a firm believer that children should learn to conduct themselves in all sorts of environments and the more variety I am able to give them the more their lives will be enhanced.

This property actually made our jobs a lot easier; you could almost «breathe» the calm understated elegance which worked wonders calming them down. Everybody we encountered treated our children with kindness and respect and I believe that reflects on their behavior also. The staff at this property is exquisite to an extent we have rarely encountered.

5.- And, of course, Hollywood Studios, Disneyland and the Malibu Pier. So iconic, so close and so much fun.

All in all, a wonderful weekend break in a city that I used to think was not my cup of tea. I guess The Peninsula helped change my mind and my children loved every minute of it!. Thank you!

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