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Maldives with kids

After many years of grovelling over the idea of travelling to Maldives (and honestly wondering if it is not too much of a trip for couples) we finally took the plunge and what a plunge it was!!!!

After skimming through the different "adults only" options and discarding them we set out to find a hotel that would give us a good balance between relaxation and fun.

I do have to say, thought, that my kids are not the "kids club" type. They tend to enjoy spending time with us better than the hotel entertainment which has its upsides and downsides but is definitely something worth mentioning. We are all the entertainment. So it is better if we make it easy on ourselves.

Maldives with children is the ultimate paradise vacation for the following reasons:

1) Private villa on stilts and slide: I feel it would not have made much of a difference if we had chosen a different hotel given the amount of entertainment that you get in Maldives just by enjoying the sea and the sun.

Even though the Jumeirah Vitavelli was a fantastic choice what definitely made it for us was the fact that we could get 500sqm of private on stilts villa for the same money that could get us much inferior accommodation. All this taking into consideration that we had decided the requirements were: private villa on stilts and a slide that would land directly into the water. I can tell you, we did spend a long time looking at properties!!!

2) Constant entertainment; we did have some doubts for a long time whether the Maldives would be a good choice for us. We do like the ocasional week of beach and sun but we definitely also like to spend a little time (or a lot) sightseeing.

One of the main reasons to travel is to get to know the world, different cultures, art, architecture, cultural events... Maldives does not have much for a cultural scene; you are basically confined to your own hotel property. But the reef.... the reef was constant, amazing, wonderful, breathtaking entertainment. Our 8 year old would go into the water right after breakfast and explored every day!!!

3) Fun for the entire family: travelling with an eight year old and a seventeen year old makes things a bit complex sometimes.

You have to cater to the energy and activities of the 8 year old while tending to the "demands" of the adolescent part of the family. We have to say that wi-fi at the Jumeirah Vitavelli worked just perfect even taking into consideration that the property lies alone on an island and even had the magic pull to make her forget her iPhone occasionally and simply enjoying the views and the stars.

4) The sea life: there are no words. No need for kids club. The ocean was your caretaker, your constant entertainment. Every morning. And afternoon. And sometimes evening.

I had my doubts about bunkering down in a villa in the ocean with almost nothing to see but every single morning, right after breakfast, the activity was to plunge into a wonderfully warm water and simply observe the array of different species that kept swimming by. Like floating in your own fish tank.

5) and again, the sea life: at 17:00 every afternoon they have a ceremony at which personnel from the hotel will feed manta rays and big fish.. really big fish.

Unbelievably, about one hour before you start seeing a bigger increase in ocean wildlife traffic around the area where they will eventually feed them. As if they were trained. Or they had an internal clock that told them feeding time was almost up. Something worth experiencing.

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